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Better Understand Your Audience

Your future customers are out there asking questions on forums like Reddit and Quora, we mine those sources to get you the very latest on trend questions. Build your understanding of their pain-points, queries and desires so you can build the content that serves them completely.

Reddit and Quora Result

Discover New & Trending Topic Questions

Reddit and Quora are the go to source of the latest trending questions on any topic, get the first dibs on these questions before your competitors.

Reddit and Quora Data
Visual Analysis
Our unique mind maps show connections between questions visually giving you an instant overview of the topical landscape. Perfect for sharing with clients and your content creators.
Detailed Insights
Being able to see the questions and keywords that your audience are actually using in real time gives you insights that you just can’t get anywhere else. People ask forums the questions they can’t get answered elsewhere. Build your content to answer these unique questions.
Content Ideas
Nothing beats the topics and ideas that are generated from actual real users. The only way to build a fully rounded content strategy is to build these ideas in from the beginning and our Reddit and Quora search are key to this strategy.


Social Insights
Our tool automatically extracts popular questions from Reddit and Quora, providing you with a rich source of content ideas.
Keyword Lists
Curate lists of the keywords you discover using our tools with Keyword Lists. Manage, customise and share lists of the keywords that matter most to you and your audience.
Exportable Data
You can export data in a number of formats, including CSV as well as the visual data representations. Easily share and analyze with your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do keyword research with Reddit?

To conduct keyword research with Reddit, use our Reddit and Quora Keyword Research Tool. It collects popular questions and topics from various Reddit threads, providing you with a list of potential keywords and content ideas.

Why Reddit is good for SEO?

Reddit is a rich source of user-generated content, discussions, and questions. These can provide valuable insights into what your audience is interested in, helping you create SEO-friendly content that aligns with their needs.

Could Quora be used for keywords research?

Yes, Quora is excellent for keyword research. Our tool taps into Quora's vast repository of questions and answers to generate potential keywords, allowing you to understand your audience's queries and interests better.

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